Sunday, March 23, 2008

10 Interesting (?) Things About Me

I've recently been "tagged" and honestly, this is somewhat new to me. The rules state you have to share some things about yourself, no problem. And then tag other "bloggy" people. This is where I get hung up...I don't know that many bloggers yet! So, I decided, I still wanted to share some little known things about me even if I didn't end up tagging others. So here no particular order of weirdness:

  1. I have just recenlty let go of my obsession preference to have the folded edge on the bath towels face in the same direction in the linen closet.
  2. I used to change the toilet paper roll in other people's houses if it was on the "wrong" way. You're going to think twice before you invite me over now, aren't you?
  3. I generally don't like taking baths. I prefer showers. I can't get it out of my head that I'm wasting time if I take a long soak.
  4. I have made it my personal mission to drive more often when we go places as a family since I found out my youngest daughter thought "girls weren't allowed to drive boys around".
  5. My husband thinks I've made it my personal mission to drive him nuts.
  6. I sometimes have an uncanny ability to picture a person in my head and then run into them a few minutes later. (Just for the record, this is not always a gift...there are some people that you'd just rather avoid!)
  7. If we're driving by a house at night and the blinds are open, I'm checking it out to see how they decorate/live. This is why it's good to have my husband drive. You're going to think twice before you leave your blinds open now, aren't you?
  8. When I was little, I had a short-lived habit of biting my toenails...gross, I know, but I was 3, people! I've outgrown that now...I can't put my feet up that high. I'm really going to regret sharing that one.
  9. I don't like eating in a restaurant by myself, but I'll go to the movies alone.
  10. I've never flown in an airplane, but I did go up in a hot air balloon once at a fair.

There you go. Ten little known things about me. This little exercise in self-discovery just made me realize I'm more quirky than I thought. I'll find out after posting this if I still have any friends after they read #2 & #7...and maybe #8.


Dr. Leah - Transformation Revolution said...

Too, too, too funny!

1. I used to strongly prefer the folded edges facing same way. Gave it up a few years ago.

2. Only changed the roll at my dad's house. ;-) Would still if it still bothered me as much as it used to.

3. I diverge from you here. I enjoy a bath. Clear my head. Think. Read. Write. Focus. Maybe even relax.

4. That's funny!

5. I'm afraid to ask my husband if he agrees ;-)

6. I totally do this also.

7. I do this - driving or riding. I'm just incredibly curious about people's lives.

8. Never bit my toenails but could put my feet behind my head.

9. Again, I diverge from you here - I enjoy eating alone (read, think, write), but it never occurs to me to go to the movies alone. Maybe I just don't have many movies that I'm drawn to see.

10. I enjoy flying but have never been in a hot air balloon.

Veggiemomof2 said...

OMg! The toilet paper thing bothers me too!

Org Junkie said...

Hilarious, you are much braver than me!

I'm totally curious about people's lives too. I'm always trying to figure out their stories.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Which way is the "wrong" way on the TP?

I have mine unroll from the bottom. The reason is that if I don't do it that way, my 2 year old and 10 month old will sit there and unroll it. (It's easier to unroll with it coming over the top - it doesn't occur to them that they could roll it the other way.) This way, with it coming from the bottom, they can just bat at it over an over again and all it does is just roll around...

So, long story short? Which way is "right"? LOL!

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