Monday, July 6, 2009

It's not an easy time for a lot of us. The downward economy and uncertainty has left many people feeling frazzled and out of control. Our homes are sometimes the only areas in our lives that can offer us sanctuary. But if your home leaves you feeling chaotic and displaced, it offers little to no comfort to you.

A better organized space can make you feel more at peace with your surroundings. Less overwhelmed by the influences of the outside world. But where to start? Knowledge is power. Power to become more organized, to live a simpler life and get back to the basics. And now you can be more organized for less!

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolving to be More Organized

So, it's the New Year and probably, like a lot of other people “becoming better organized” might top your list of New Year’s resolutions. Usually what happens though is before the final verse of 'Auld Lang Syne' is sung, many of us will have considered this lofty idea just another failed attempt.

This year try to redefine your resolution:

· Set more specific goals such as; create a better filing system, use time management tools more effectively, follow up with clients more regularly.
· Create to-do lists each week, choosing one or two tasks based on your specific organizational goals such as; clear out-of-date files, use calendar/pda more efficiently, update contact management program.
· Build in regular maintenance time to your schedule, setting aside time to review files, update your calendar, enter new contact information, etc. so that you can continue your good habits throughout the year.
· Review your systems periodically so that you can re-evaluate whether or not changes need to be made or if your system is working to its potential.

I usually find that the more specific I am with my goals, the more likely I am to reach them.

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