Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back To School Basics

School is almost here. For many people, the end of summer means back to school and a more hectic schedule. Even if you don't have children at home, many of us can benefit from basic organizing tips to help stay better organized.

Organizing 101

With school only a few short weeks away, preparation is underway for our youngsters to return to the halls of learning. Here are a few tips that parents can use to help kids hit the books with some organizational knowledge in hand.
• Obtain a list of needed school supplies and hit the store. If you don’t have the list handed out at the end of the year, visit your school’s website or check major supply stores for a copy. Most local stores post them near the front or in the school supply section.
• When it comes to items that are less durable, such as folders and crayons, stock up now when prices are at their lowest. Check what additional supplies are needed for second semester and purchase those now as well.
• Try a plastic accordion style expanding file for transporting homework, spelling lists, graded papers, etc. They are more durable than paper folders and most come with dividers so you can establish good learning habits early on.
• Anticipate supplies needed for special projects, such as poster board, extra glue, markers, etc. and purchase a minimal supply ahead of time to help prepare for those last minute “mom, I forgot I have a project due tomorrow!” days.
• Speaking of last minute notifications, keep a frozen tub of cookie dough on hand in case you suddenly become volunteered to donate to the bake sale or class snack.

While these ideas are sure to make the grade, more importantly they are teaching kids to take an active role in the planning process while learning valuable organizing and time management skills from you which aren’t always taught in a book. And that’s something they can take with them throughout their grade school years, to college and beyond.

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