Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Take 5 Friday Guidelines

Updated Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for posting on Take 5 Friday:

  • Be sure to mention "Take 5 Friday" in your post and link back here so your readers can find out more about it and join in too. (We can't have all the fun to ourselves!) You can also (and are encouraged) to add the Take 5 Friday lable to your post so that people will recognize the topic.

  • You can post any type of organizing tip or better yet, share a project you actually did during that particular week. But, here's the catch: it has to be something you can/did do in 5 minutes or less the time it takes for a coffee break (about 5-15 minutes) And don't forget pictures if you have them. Unfortunately, I won't be posting any pics until after Christmas when I receive my new digital camera (hint, hint...you know who you are!)

  • If Take 5 Friday "takes off" I will make it an official blog carnival and use Mr. Linky for everyone to link with. But until I guage the response to warrant doing so, just post your blog link in the comments each week under my Take 5 Friday post. Mr. Linky is now up and available on Take 5 Friday!

  • Everyone and anyone is welcome to join in the fun. After you've written your own post, come here every Friday and link to your individual post (not your home page).

  • You may leave a short description with your comment and link back to your individual post.

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Org Junkie said...

Hello!! Great minds think alike, my post today was all about things you can do in five minutes or less. I'll add your link onto there!

Good stuff!

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