Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Take 5 Friday Challenge

Last week we worked on clearing out some trash. I challenged you to quickly go from room to room and toss at least one large bag full of trash. This week, let's take it one step further and see if we can't fill a box (or large bag) of useful items that can be donated to a good cause. In honor of Earth Week, let's recycle our unwanted things and let someone else put them to good use, instead of cluttering our homes.

By all means, if you still have LOTS more to toss, you may want to challenge yourself to get another bag or two together, but while you're at it, why not keep a look out for those things that can be passed on to someone who needs them?

Report back here on Friday to share your successes (or hangups!) Remember, this should be a quick sort process. If you have to think on something too long, it's ok to set it aside...for now!

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Avlor said...

You peeked in my house this week didn't you! ;) Just re-did dear daughter's closet so she can start taking care of her clothes and the hooks, shelves and clothes racks are her height now. So there's STUFF to give away...just have to figure out how I want to give it away...will report back on Friday.

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