Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Check Out My New Look

I'm back and sporting a new look! Ya like? There I am, up there in the left hand corner, except the short hair and maybe add a few pesky pounds. Trying to maintain peace and sanity while keeping an eye peeled for all those day to day things that can sometimes throw a wrench into it! Is that you too? I thought so. Do you sometimes feel like you need some organizational enlightenment to help you keep all the other things we have going on (mom, wife, cook, chaufer, career girl...) in check? Me too!

What all do you juggle in your day to day ventures that threaten the organization and sanity of your life? Post your comments (please...so I know you're out there and I'm not alone! LOL!)

Just in case you're wondering...the 'Nap Warden' over at NW Designs created my new look. Literally people...this idea popped into my head and she put it together in a matter of a few hours. Amazing work!


Org Junkie said...

So cute, love your new header!

dcrmom said...

ACK!! Can you delete my comment with Nap Warden's name in it in the "Finding Sanctuary" post??? That was an ooops.

LOVE your new design!! :-)

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