Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shameless Sales Pitch

Today I'm throwing all caution to the wind and posting a shameless sales pitch. I really want to set a record this month on my book sales. I'm not ashamed to admit it. See, I want to be featured as "top author" in the realm of Lulu, my book printer.

If you've ever saw the photo of my book (over there to the left) and thought "hmm...I bet that book, 'A Life Less Cluttered' could really help me become the organized person I've been dreaming of", then now is the time to get a copy of your own (e-book, paperback or hardback). If not for me and my quest as top author, then think of all of the reasons you have to become better organized. Better yet, think of all of the times you've tried to become more organized, but fell short. (I warned you this was a shameless sales pitch!)

Many of you have made it your goal or resolution to work on your organizing skills, but the place to start is with the traits of organized people. That's where you really start seeing changes...and results. That's why this book is different. It focuses on addressing those issues within ourselves before you tackle a mountain of chronic, reoccurring clutter. This book helps all of those tips and to-dos of organization really sink in and take hold. Buy a copy today and begin living A Life Less Cluttered! Need more convincing? Read the review on Organizing Junkie's product reviews.


dcrmom said...

That sounds like a book I need! Let me know if you want me to review it and maybe give away a free copy. I'd love to. :-)

Org Junkie said...

Your book really is fantastic Christine!

All the best,

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