Sunday, January 27, 2008

Those Socks are Tricky

It's not so much the dryer eating socks that baffles me anymore. In fact, I don't think this phenomenon has occurred in our household for quite some time. I finally got a new washer and dryer a couple years ago and apparently the sock monster that resided in my old set went with it. (Won't he be surprised when he finds he's in the middle of an appliance graveyard and not a sock in sight!)

But this mystery does involve socks. They're tricky little things, you know. And it's not just the little kid socks. It seems to plague my husband's socks as well. When socks are shed at the end of the day, they seem to want to lie among the dirty clothes in little wrong-side-out balls, prompting me to have to put them back to rights before I load them into the washer.

Now, I know for sure that this mystery cannot be because my family takes them off incorrectly. Because I'm fairly certain that I've told them time and time again that if they pull their socks off from the toe, this will not happen. They are all well aware of my plight, and I'm sure they can grasp the idea that if socks are in a little ball, they do not get cleaned and dried properly. Still, the socks end up coming to the laundry room all wadded up.

No, I'm convinced there has to be a mean-spirited sock fairy lurking somewhere in our home who's goal it is to drive me nuts. Surely my family would not make this extra work for me. Would they?


Nicole said...

Christine, I chuckled at your post on socks. I did one several days back and I have the same problem. Thought this may be a solution for you.

Org Junkie said...

LOL, I have this very same problem. Darn sock fairy!

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