Thursday, January 24, 2008

Take 5 Friday - Mailing Center

This week's Take 5 Friday project takes us to my mailing center. This is an area of my home office cubby that I use to store mailing supplies (not incoming mail...that's in a different area). My mailing center has been pretty well established for quite some time now, but it was starting to look like, well, a mess. So I thought it was about time to put it on the Take 5 list of things to do. I was having a hard time finding things easily and when you run across .39 cent postage, you realize it may have been awhile since you last cleaned it out. I resorted everything into categories; labels, envelopes, thank-you cards and stamps and tossed or relocated items that didn't belong or weren't usable. Then, I re-stored them in separate compartments of this upright sorter.

Looks much better and more functional, don't ya think? The best part about designating a mailing center is that you always know where to find things when you need them and where to put things away when you're picking up. If you don't already have one, you can easily set up your own mailing center similar to this one in just a few minutes. Just pick a logical spot that fits your needs (usually the kitchen or home office area), find a nice container to house everything and equip it with all of the items you need for mailing.

Take 5 Friday is all about finding things we can do in just 5 minutes time that can help us get or stay better organized. What 5 minute organizing project did you work on this week? Post your own Take 5 Friday project then link to Organizational Enlightenment so we can all share and receive helpful tips with each other.

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dcrmom said...

Oooh! This is fun. I'll try to play next week.

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